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Fashion Tips: Latest Ankara Styles for Men and Guys 2018

However, of recent, ladies have imagined and gone a step ahead to sincerely believe that the business of looking good is theirs and theirs alone, leaving men and guys wondering what happened to their fashion sense in the first place.

However, not all men have accepted this ugly and unwholesome development brought about by the ladies with the singular intent of ensuring that they single-handedly claim the monopoly of looking good.

Ankara Styles for Men & Guys

If you’re on this page and are one of the brave, fashion conscious men or guys out there who also believe that it is their right to look good, you’ll be pleased and completely awed by the latest Ankara styles for men and guys we have so painstakingly presented for you here.

However, before we proceed, it is very important to address this very important question: why do men and guys love Ankara?

Or, better still (if you’re a ‘high’ skeptic): why should you love Ankara as a guy or a man? 
Men’s Native Styles Commonly Sewn With Ankara

The Ankara fabric is quite versatile and lends itself to various designs and styles. Listed below are the latest Ankara styles for men and guys presented under the head of men’s native styles commonly sewn with Ankara.


Agbada is a large, overflowing gown that reaches well below the knees and sometimes touches the ankles. It is used mainly by men and for it to remain on the body of the wearer, it needs constant adjustments that ensure ‘folds’ on the shoulder on the wearer. These folds and the manner they are maintained to keep the Agbada in place has given rise to the nickname, one thousand five hundred.

Usually sewn with a matching full length trouser, the Agbada traditional wear can be sewn brilliantly with Ankara as the primary design material and or alternatively, sewn with a plain material with a piece of Ankara serving as the primary design option.


Primarily popular in Northern Nigeria, the Kaftan is a long loose tunic that stretches below the knees and in some cases, reaches the ankles. This dress type, like the Agbada mentioned above, is also sewn in Nigeria with a matching trouser and in most instances, is simply made, using only Ankara as primary material for both the robe and full length trouser.


This is one of the most notorious native attires that has on a recurrent basis, been sewn with the Ankara fabric. The Dashiki is sewn and designed like the Agbada mentioned above. However, the primary difference is its length (which never flows beyond the thighs), the fact that it has no ‘overflow’ that goes on the shoulders and importantly and the reality it comes designed with two prominent pockets in front of it (instead of at the sides).

The Dashiki is primarily designed and sewn with a matching full length trouser though some designs, at the moment, simply make do with a pair of shorts.

Here too, the Dashiki avails its many designs to tailors and designers with the most popular being using Ankara for the whole Dashiki attire or in the alternative, using some ‘patches’ of Ankara fabric to design the finished design and make it more ‘African’.

Latest Ankara Styles for Men and Guys

Here are our latest men’s styles crafted with the Ankara fabric:

Ankara Jacket Styles for Men

Why Men Love Ankara

There are very many and extremely good reasons why men and guys love Ankara so much. However, to save your time, we’ll present only the very best and potent with the hope that you’ll also fall in love with the Ankara lifestyle if you already haven’t.


First, Ankara designs reflect unique patterns and designs that are inherently African. It is thus easy to say that when men or guys want to dress in an African fashion, Ankara easily provides a smart option and is naturally the first point of call.

Second, aside Ankara being uniquely African and providing men and guys with an opportunity to be proudly African, the designs that are made from the typical Ankara fabrics and the material of the Ankara itself is suitable for just any occasion – be it formal, semi-formal or a completely informal event.

Third, men and guys in general always appreciate simple things that also double as comfortable. In this regard, the Ankara fabric truly excels as it is easy on the eyes and when worn, completely comfortable for the body.

Fourth and finally, the Ankara material easily lends itself to any style which a man or guy prefers. It gives him the option to experiment with various designs in a manner that does prove difficult for other material types.

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