Friday, 16 March 2018

Let's Discuss: Should I be addressed the way I dress?

This is actually one of the most used and highly debatable proverbial saying ever - 'you would be addressed the way you dress' - which to me really has to be duly reviewed and revised. 

I have many's the time been challenged by people in my local vicinity most especially about my style of outfits and my stylish hair-cut. I believe my dressing shouldn't judge my characters nor does it portray my behaviours or who I really am on the inside but rather my splendid appearance; it simply define my awesome uniqueness in fashion preference. 

So where then lies the truth in this proverbial saying 'don't judge the book by its cover' when your sentiments are totally based on my looks. Keeping up to standard matters and lowering it would only heighten your level of ignorance. 

I have rather more convincing reasons why I think this proverbial saying should be revised. 

1. PERSONALITY: I believe I chose outfits that would make me look smart and gorgeous, which I feel very comfortable in. My dressing should rather blend with my on-moving society where various fashion and stylish trends keep popping; whereas, that shouldn't judge my inner attitude of being morally standard - obedient, polite,  respectful, kind and loyal.

My outer looks is based on choice on my own, neither does it meant to change my standards nor does it tarnish my reputation as long as it's decent and modest. I don't wanna look gormless but perfect. I heard someone say she dresses like a tomboy but she's rather girly in behaviour. Clothing was meant to be chosen by one's taste, but society took control which diluted any character accuracy.

2. ‎STANDARD OF LIVING: I do believe that my standard of living do tell alot of my outer looks. Sincerely, you can't expect a man with high standard of living not to spend lavishly on his closet vis a vis a man with relatively low standard of living.

Everyone, which I believe, definitely cut their coat according to their individual cloth. 

3. ‎FANATICAL BELIEFS: This is actually the most attacking tool numerous fellows have used against me. Words like 'you're a Christian; christains doesn't dress like this; you look like a rascal' which at many times piss me off a lot. I'd always wondered, Who is a Christain? Basically, being a Christain is not by your outer appearance mainly, but by your behaviours, your characters, as exhibited by people in Antioch (where the word 'Christain' actually originated). I have this weird smile when some "fanatical Christains" actually feel discarding fashion is what consecration or abstinence or being holy is all about; besides you are going to be judged based on your heart(whether honest and good or hardened to his teachings). I feel they are ignorant and being too local for the society they live in presently- they should as well keep putting on clothes of the 60's. Live graciously. 

In conclusion, I strongly believe "I" shouldn't "be addressed" the way I dress, but rather "the way I behave".
That's my opinion over this issue, it's simply plain-spoken. You can share your own view about this in the comment box below and let's reason it together. 

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