Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Top Make-up Artists of year 2017.

This is list is based solely on how their makeovers made the rounds on social media, inspired a lot of makeovers and were done picture perfect too.

They made the top 10 amongst a lot of others who also did well because they worked on high profile clients, shoots, editorials, were featured all over social media and had press mentions.

From traveling around with clients for their destination weddings, taking over celebrities' makeovers or just behind viral makeovers that got round a lot during the year, these ones brought it and are listed in no particular order.

1. Bimpe Onakoya

Minnie Dlamini's makeup by Bimpe Onakoya (Instagram/Bimpe Onakoya)
Highly sought after celebrity makeup artist and Maybelline New York Nigeria creative director had a busy year, not slowed down by her triple dose of joy, the makeup artist went to different parts of the world with top celebrities showing of her clean and naturally flawless beats.

2. BM Pro

Makeup by BM Pro (Instagram/BM Pro)
BM Pro is always in demand and 2017 wasn't any different. The jet set makeup entrepreneur and artist got to work on a lot of high profile faces this year.

3. T.A La Mode Beauty

Makeup by T.A La Mode Beauty (Instagram/TALamode)

T.A La Mode Beauty was seen a lot in 2017, with her work spotted on major celebrities in 2017 she quickly got a deserved spot on the list. She was the brain behind a lot of major looks on celebrities and celebrity brides this year.

4. Jide St Ola

Makeup by Jide St Ola (Instagram/Jidestola)
Jide St Ola had an exciting 2017 doing unforgettable looks on celebrities and high profile brides who got his looks trending.

5. Lolade ML Pro

Makeup by Lolade ML Pro (Instagram/Lolademlpro)

Lolade ML Pro is quite the creative and does a play with colours. She brought it with flawless makeovers on brides and celebrities for 2017.The brand didn't do bad at all this year.

6. Layefa Beauty

Makeup by Layenfa (Instagram/Layenfa)

Layefa Beauty dolled up a lot of ladies this season with some of the makeover spotted on celebrities and style influencers going viral.

7. Topal Touch

Makeup by Topal Touch (Instagram/Topaltouch)

Topal Touch easily picks a spot for 2017 for her flawless makeover and winning colour contrast on her makeup looks for client. The brand who favours Nigerian brands has a knack for flawless, clean, crisp makeovers.

8. Bibyonce

Makeup by Bibyonce (Instagram/Bibyonce)

Bibyonce comes through everytime with fierce makeovers, her signature includes her dramatic tear duct accents which a lot of celebrities and high profile clients went all out for this year.

9. Anita brows

Makeup by Anita Brows (Instagram/Anitabrows)

Anita Brows brought it for 2017 with amazing makeovers on high profile clients and celebrities as well as a well attended masterclass.

10. Iamdodos

Makeup by Iamdodos (Instagram/Iamdodos)

Iamdodos did amazing for 2017. Her soft take on a natural makeup look was a winner any day anytime and for 2017, she did good.

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