Saturday, 23 December 2017

Top Costumes Falz the bahd guy rocked at Falz Experience.

It’s not common to see Nigerian artistes go all out in terms of fashion for their concerts. Most times, there’s usually a major outfit and sometimes one or two change of clothes. But at the The Falz Experience, which fans of Falz the Bahd Guy, celebrities and other Nigerians of social repute have named the biggest and most successful music concert of 2017, things were very different.

The event kicked off with a series of interconnected skits that showed Falz as Folarin the Barrister and Brother Taju in various costumes ranging from an average lawyer to a ‘white garment’ prophet.

As the show began, Falz made a grand entrance from the roof looking all sporty in a comfortable fitting black hoodie to perform ‘La Fete’.

For most performances with fellow artistes, Falz changed outfits, with every costume contributing to the storytelling of the entire concert.

Every part of The Falz Experience, including the fashion and styling, was clearly thought out and deserves commendation.

See all other costumes below:

Falz (right) in classy white suit as he performs ‘Chardonnay Music’ with Poe (left).

Falz in trendy tasseled jacket as he performs ‘Clap’ and ‘Karishika’.

Falz in black sequined tuxedo as he performs ‘Ello Bae’ with Kaffy.

Falz depicts loverboy as he performs ‘Chemistry’ with Simi.

Falz in French beret and sleeveless jacket performing with Simi.

Falz in full-on Nigerian military leader costume as he performs ‘Soldier’.

Falz in head scarf/bandana as he performs ‘Something Light’ with YCee.

Falz ends show shirtless.

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