Saturday, 9 December 2017

Latest Fashion Trend: Nigerian Male Traditional Styles

Native styles for male can be traditional dashiki or grand boubou with narrow or wide trousers and an go with a kufi headdress or without it.

Every Nigerian man who respects himself and his ethnic roots must have traditional clothes in his wardrobe. It is the accepted look, not just for traditional outings but can also be a great look for work or just as casual well. If the grand agbada is worn on especially festive occasions, the dashiki is perfect for an everyday wardrobe. Made of light natural fabrics, decorated with embroidery or ornament, dashiki can make any man look dashing.

One of the traditional men's clothing is Agbada styles for men. Typically, these are white or blue grand boubou that can be worn with slim classic trousers. In addition to the basic colours, red, black and beige looks are also beautiful. Usually, the front part of the agbada is decorated with some form of design. These designs can be made to be the same colour as the main cloth or of a contrasting colour. A blue agbada, for instance, combines beautifully with white, yellow or brown embroidery. The white agbada may be decorated with contrasting black and red designs and patterns.

Another traditional look is Aso Ebi styles for men. Beautiful dashiki and agbada are also specially designed for this occasion. Modern and natural fabrics are an excellent basis for this kind of attire. Dashiki comes in different colours and can be great for everyday wear. This season, blue, dark blue, brown, beige and of course, white as the king of colours are especially popular. For more festive occasions, outfits with large embroidery on the chest or near the collar are better.

Atiku styles for men are also considered as traditional. The styles are characterized by dashiki with a straight cut and straight trousers. The fabrics of this style can have a thin strip and minimal design. The predominant colours are white, cream, beige, and black. Some trendsetter might go for brighter colours, for example, turquoise.

Of course, in addition to any traditional styles and look mentioned above, you can wear a traditional kufi headdress. The cap can be in the same tone with the main attire, or it can be a contrasting colour just to add that extra flare. This colour can be repeated on the agbada or dashiki design.. As you can see from the photo, Nigerians share their love for traditional wears with their children.

Often you can meet a father and son going out in the similar outfits and this can be really attractive.

Very popular this season are couples wearing matching traditional styles. Couples like to wear clothes of the same fabric and design. Just have a look how sweet and cool such matching designs can be.

Traditional native styles for Nigerians are not only a tribute to their culture and people. Such clothes are gorgeous and comfortable. New fabrics, cuts and colour combinations are the reasons why the traditional looks will always be trendy and modern.

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