Friday, 23 December 2016

WTF! Starboy Wizkid snubs Eva Alordiah's fiancé at Headies.

Yesterday on December 23, Wizkid won the Artiste of the Year at the Headies 2016 and was called to come and collect his award (after surprising everyone with his late attendance).
Starboy Wizkid

What he did on his way to collect his award left people in awe. As he passed by the guests, Eva Alordiah (the rapper) and her fiancé, Caesar both wanted to congratulate him but he ignored the Caesar completely and hugged Eva. 
Caesar quietly sat back down when he realized he had been ignored. People are wondering what he did to Wizkid or if Wizkid even noticed him to begin with..
Headies 2016 was filled with surprises from the beginning til the end of the event. 

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