Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Top 7 most scandalous celebrity news in 2016.

2016 has proved to be a very interesting year in all regards. It was also a year filled with scandals in almost every facet of our society. But we will be focusing in those scandals that rocked our entertainment industry this year.
1. Seun Egbegbe’s computer village adventure
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Seun Egbegbe and the phones he allegedly stole at Computer Village
Seun Egbegbe is one name that many did not know before 2016. But now, the socialite and film producer’s name is now recognized in almost every part of the country due to his ill-fated relationship with popular actress Toyin Aimakhu and most recently,allegations that he stole 9 I-Phones 7’s from Computer Village in Ikeja. He was arrested but later released on bail. And according to various sources, he is currently in Malaysia probably lying low till the storm blows over.
2. Toyin Aimakhu & #SaveMayowa
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Toyin Aimkahu and the late Mayowa Ahmed
The ruckus surrounding the ill health and eventual passing of Mayowa Ahmed and the involvement of actress Toyin Aimakhu is one event most Nigerians would not forget in a long time. After helping Mayowa and her family raise over N38million from well-meaning Nigerians, news broke that the whole fund raising exercise may have been a scam. Of course Nigerians pointed fingers at Toyin since she was the one who got most of them to donate. But Toyin who was visibly shocked at the allegations confronted the family members and they too confronted Toyin. Their altercations were captured on video. Eventually, the issues were settled and Mayowa sadly passed away in August.
3. Davido comes for his ‘boy’, Dele Momodu
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Davido and Dele Momodu
Even though all seems to be well between Davido, his baby mama, and her uncle Ovation magazine publisher Dele Momodu, they were at loggerheads for the major part of the year. Things came to a head when Davido on Humblesmith’s hit track Osinachi referred to a certain Dele as his boy. Mr Momodu on his part came out to say Davido could not have been referring to him because he is most definitely not anybody's boy.

4. Little Wizkid vs Aunty Linda Ikeji
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Wizkid and Linda Ikeji
When popular blogger Linda Ikeji put up a story about Wizkid being served a quit notice by his landlord in Lekki, she didn’t expect that the popular musician will come for her with such vengeancethat it took the intervention of the police for them to stop their exchange of insults.
5. Kaffy vs the ‘Motherf****r’ Davido
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Kaffy and Davido
Even though he was silent on the music front for most of the year, Davido made up for that by being in the news for one negative reason or the other. This time, it was Kaffy who called him out for cancelling his request for dancers at the last minute and also refusing to pay them for their time. She did all this on video. Referring to Davido as a Motherf****r.
6. The many sins of Bobrisky…
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
This was the year cross dressing bleaching cream seller Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky became a full blown celebrity. Listing all the times he made the news this year would take the better part of a day but the reactions that followed his invitation to speak at a socoal media conference in Abuja cannot be pushed aside. Bobrisky went on to speak at the conference; accidentally revealing that his much talked about bae may be a man along the way.
7. Miss Anambra and the Cucumber!
Most scandalous celebrity news of 2016
Miss Anambra and the cucumber
Winner of the Miss Anambra pageant Chidinma Okeke alongside her friend Ada changed the way thousands of Nigerians saw the cucumber plant after she put the cucumber to work in a sex tape she made. Whether she was forced to make the video or not still remains to be seen. But one thing is sure; many would not see the cucumber in the same light all thanks to Miss Anambra.
Which celebrity scandal did I miss? Let me know via the comment section below.

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