Friday, 30 December 2016

Fan writes open letter to Olamide: OLIC3 was a waste of time and you owe us an apology.

Twitter user @Princess_Jacki_ is an Olamide fan who was dissatisfied with the OLIC3 event that she attended and wrote a few words about it. We have reproduced the entire text below:

‘Yesterday was OLIC, I never thought I’d say this, but it was zero. Security was zero; organization was zero as well.
Firstly, porous security. Anyone, I mean anyone, could literally walk through the gates of Eko hotel. I swear, I didn’t sight one metal detector. People walked in and out as they liked.

I’m sure every Nigerian right now is 150% aware of terrorist attacks and the need for security to be tops at all times especially at social gatherings. Some people said there were dogs. Excuse you, someone could walk in and just start shooting and these people won’t have cared if they died!
Security is major key. Anything could’ve happened TBH.

Then to the ‘disorganization’. A lot of people didn’t have tickets; it was no one’s fault. A lot of people ended up getting regular tickets for 15k or more, and VIP for about 30k or 40k – also no one’s fault.

After getting tickets the next thing is to queue up to get tags to get in, and trust me the queue was long ASF. After a while, at about 10 or 11 p.m, they said tags were finished but we needed to hold on a little because they went to get more.

From 11 p.m to 2 a.m a lot of people were outside waiting for tags. These people had tickets but were deprived of what they had paid for, because of the inability for the organizers of OLIC to be effective. It’s just like going to the cinema and more tickets are sold than the number of seats. How dumb can that be? What stopped them from producing tags equivalent to the number of tickets they sold?
Eventually people got really angry. A concert slated for 7 p.m and they were left out till 2 a.m! The guys at the gate, bouncers or whoever, weren’t even making situations better. They were so rude, saying stuff like they don’t know why we were still waiting that the tags were finished, and there’s no space in the hall anymore. There were no fights but they released tear gas on us and used tasers on a few people.
No like FML despite this economic shit going on. People went out of their way to be there for the concert and this is what they get??? You think it’s so easy to hustle up 5k, 10k, 20k etc? Or you think people don’t have better stuff doing with their money than watching a bunch of musicians perform? Things got emotional ASF yoooo – people were crying. That’s how deep it was.

This isn’t for Olamide alone. All artistes need to get their shit together and learn to treat your fans with more respect and love, because without us you’re nothing.

I’m the wildest Olamide fan, but even if they have 10 OLICs after this, I don’t think I’d want to be there. Because it looks like he’s started doing stuff for the rich lads alone, and we’re sorry we can’t afford the gold, silver and platinum.

If you were there for this event and you had fun to its peak – congratulations. But I didn’t.
Olamide, I think you owe a lot of fans an apology, because a lot of people wasted their money and time.
God bless.’

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